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World’s Best Grandpa

These quilts were made for the grandkids of the world’s best grandpa, with a quilt each for brother and sister. These are some of the most versatile quilts I’ve ever made, featuring all types of shirts — Hawaiian shirts, polo-style shirts, long-sleeved wrangler button-downs and, of course, t-shirts — plus Levi’s jeans!

My client (the granddaughter) had given her grandpa the ketchup shirt and the world’s best grandpa shirt, so the quilts are an important way to reflect on favorite memories. It’s wonderful to create keepsakes that celebrate both the person who owned the clothes and the loving relationships the clothes represent.

“WOW!! You are quick!! I can not believe how beautiful these turned out. I am so amazed by how you were able to integrate so many different clothing items and textures. Thank you SO SO much!! “


60″ x 73″