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What should I do with my T-shirts before I give them to you?

All T-shirts should be laundered including new ones. Please do not cut the shirts. I will cut them making sure the graphic is centered as much as possible.

What if my T-shirts have stains or holes in them?

Stains and small tears on shirts are not necessarily a bad thing. Usually, that means that the shirt was well loved.  I think this adds character to the quilt.  With my use of interfacing, I can resurrect a well-worn shirt for use – but there are limitations.  Any shirt I deem unusable will be returned with the finished quilt.

I already cut my shirts. Can you still use them?

So far this has not been a problem for me. Because each quilt block is not a fixed size, I can work with this. I may have to add fabric to the sides or applique your graphic to the top of a base fabric. I think this adds character. You can see an example of this in Kay’s Collection.

Do you only make quilts out of T-shirts, or can you use other clothing items?

Almost any kind of fabric can be used!  T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, work shirts, Hawaiian shirts, boxers, jeans, cloth napkins, and just about anything else made of fabric are OK. Mixing clothing adds to your quilts story.

Do I get to choose the fabric colors for my quilt?

Yes you do! There are many wonderful fabric choices available to quilters. I’m happy to help you choose the color that best reflects the personality of the person who wore the clothing.

Can I use the front and back of a shirt?

Yes you can! Because of the custom nature of my quilt design, we can use any part of your shirt – front, back, sleeve, and don’t forget the pocket logos!


How many articles of clothing does it take to make a quilt?

The number of T-shirts needed to make a quilt vary depending on the size of the finished quilt.

A small quilt approximately 65”x65” will take 9 to 13 shirts
A medium quilt approximately 60”x80” will take 14 to 20 shirts
A large quilt approximately 70”x85” will take 20 to 28 shirts
An extra large quilt approximately 80”x90” will take 28 to 35 shirts

Because every quilt is custom designed, I am very good at fitting in all the T-shirts provided to me. Sometime there may be one T-shirt used on the back too!

If you are having a quilt made out of work or Hawaiian shirts, you will need at least 12. We can talk about this more when you are getting ready to place your order.

How long will it take for you to make my quilt?

In most cases, I can have your quilt made in six to eight weeks. Christmas is a very busy time for me so your quilt may take a little longer at that time of year. Of course, if you need something done sooner, please let me know and we can talk about it.

How do you price your quilts?

Please see my pricing page.

What happens to the scraps from my T-shirts after the squares have been cut?

Unless you would like them back, I will dispose of them for you. Any shirts I don’t use will be returned with the finished quilt.

I have partially completed quilt - can you finish it?

Yes! This is a big part of what I do.  If you or someone you know has started a quilting project that can’t be completed, I would be happy to finish it for you.  I feel deeply honored to complete projects left behind by loved ones. My goal is to finish these quilts with the same style and intent as the person who first started them.


How do I wash my quilt?

All the materials used in making your quilt are 100% cotton so you can wash your quilt in the washing machine.  Be sure to use the gentle cycle on your machine along with laundry soap for delicate clothing. Always use cold water, and a “Color Catcher” sheet is recommended. This will keep colors from running. Do not use bleach, or any laundry soap that contains bleach. Your quilt can be dried in the clothes dryer using a low to medium heat setting. All this being said, it is best to wash your quilt as little as possible.