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Baby Bear

When my client’s granddaughter was born 23 years ago she had a quilt made to celebrate her birth. In order to keep the tradition going, she reached out to me to have a new quilt made to celebrate the birth of her great-granddaughter. The quilting here was done by Karen Dougan of Kreative Design & Longarming. I love collaborating and being a part of a long-term tradition!

“I met Diane several years ago to repair a quilt my dog had torn. She did a great job repairing. Then a few months ago my Grand-daughter was expecting our first Great Grand-daughter and asked for a Quilt like the one I had made for her. Not knowing how to begin, I remembered Diane. So we went shopping for fabric and pattern, again I was lost she was a life saver, picked colors and fabric, Teddy Bear motifs. I left the rest up to her, needless to say I was thrilled when finished, my Grand-daughter loves it. It was stressful but Diane made it fun.”