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Total Eclipse Of The Sun T-Shirt Quilt

When Rhonda came to me her T-shirts were already cut, and the layout somewhat planed. However, there were some voids in the layout. Not a problem! I happened to have the perfect fabrics on hand to fill in the voids. One fabric looks like a starry night, the other has sun and moon. The Egypt shirt had a big void so I quilted a sun burst into this area.

Rhonda wrote a blog post about her new quilt. You can check it out here:

“HOW AWESOME DID THIS TURN OUT? I was planning to sew it myself, but realized after I cut the shirts into squares that I had neither the skills nor the tools to proceed. Enter Master Quilt Maker Diane Ottenfeld of Bend, Oregon—a lovely local lady whose number I got from the fancy quilt shop in town. She finished the quilt I started and worked with me to select the background fabric to tie it all together: blue—for the sky and sea—and yellow for Sol. For the back she used a fabric souvenir banner I found in a village market in Madagascar in 2001. And look how the stitching on the Egypt square is a flaming sun.”

~ Rhonda Coleman