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My Special Daughter

“I wanted to take a minute and thank you for my beautiful t-shirt quilt for my daughter. I have been saving those t-shirts for over 24 years, I think I kidded myself that I could make a t-shirt quilt. When I first sent them to you I was a bit embarrassed as I had cut them up over the years to save space and I thought you would tell me I had ruined them, thank you soo much for being so gentle and caring with such an a important piece of my family history. You made the whole process feel like a collaboration, we were a team creating this beautiful piece of artwork.

I especially wanted to share with you why I wanted to get this quilt made for my daughter. From the time my daughter was 5 we moved around, living in Japan for 6 years then moving to Georgia and finally back to Oregon. She has commented before at how jealous she is when friends talk about going home (their childhood home) and I always say how lucky she was to experience living overseas and in the south, I’ve tried to instill the idea that home is where the heart is.

I’m so excited for this Quilt, it is like the story of her childhood, there are shirts on it from 2 years old to 20 years old. So besides the shirts telling her story, what I love the most is the “easter egg” we added. I wanted to have a little piece that represented me, so I send you that t-shirt with the dragonfly and you said we could get the words to our heart song embroidered. The words to the song are so special because they represent my message of how important it is to travel and experience life, but also I sang that song to her almost everyday when she was a little girl. She has Asthma and we spent many hours in a steamy shower or taking nebulizer treatments, I would rock her, and sing that song and all the pain would melt away. I hope if she every wonders how much she is loved, she wraps herself in that quilt, she thinks of me holding her, singing to her and she never doubts how important she is and how much she is loved.

Thank you again Diane for creating a legacy quilt for my special daughter.”


74″ x 86″