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Many Fond Memories T-Shirt Quilt

After Earl’s wife of 45 years passed away he came to me with two bags of T-shirts. The bags contained a wonderful collection of T-shirts, including vacation trips with his wife, colleges that he, his wife, and their children had attended, as well as one from Earl’s brother. I was honored to put all these happy memories into a quilt to be cherished for years to come.


I am both pleased and in a way humbled to again say THANK YOU for wonderful quilt that has been on my bed and you might say a part of daily life for the past 18 months. Tee shirts that were purchased at the many locations we were fortunate to have visited and shared as we traveled together on 6 continents all were sown by you into our quilt with care and love.

Strong memories of people and places are easily recalled with a glance at the wonderful quilt.

The quilt has been in place on my bed since the day you shared it with me. Each square that was selected for size, color and the location it represents is an accurate and loving memory. I’m able to recall the strong memory of our love and marriage in the warmth of the quilt every night.