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Rock On T-Shirt Quilt

The Red Hot Chili Peppers T-shirt was cut up for the sake of teenage fashion. I was able to use the logo part of this shirt by attaching it to a piece of fabric the right size to fit into the row.  A little extra step I take to make your quilt work!

“This quilt that I received from my aunt was made with the most love you could imagine, plus beautiful seams and color scheme. The design is amazing with the composition of the shirts that I chose for this piece. These shirts are from some of my favorite bands and some memories from my childhood. It’s a quilt that I use every night on my bed and will love and cherish forever! I have other quilts also made specially by her but this new one is my favorite, with bold colors and an amazing pattern to match the shirts. I will trust her with any design to match shirts or parts of fabric to go into a quilt like this if I need any in the future.”

~Laural Viles